Leontes, Hermionie and Paulina

Open Stage Event (2017)

This is open to all past and present members of Shakespeare at Traquair, but with particular emphasis on our younger contingent.

  • Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, Sunday 5th November 14:00-18:00

Organiser: Boyd Wild

Much Ado About Nothing (2018)

In 2018, we will performing one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, Much Ado About Nothing. Scott Noble, will be directing the play, pictured left playing Leontes in The Winter’s Tale.

Love’s Labour’s Lost (2019)

We are also able to announce that in 2019, Tim Wilcock will be directing Love’s Labour’s Lost.

Open Stage Event (2017)

Following on from the fantastic range of musical and performing talent on display at the Winter’s Tale cast party Boyd Wild is organising an open stage event, open to all past and present members of Shakespeare at Traquair, but with particular emphasis on our younger contingent.

The Eastgate Theatre has been booked for Sunday 5th November between 14.00 and 18.00 and the format of the afternoon will be roughly as follows:

  • Anyone who would like to perform a piece in front of an audience will be able to do so. The emphasis will be on music and singing, but not limited to that. Rehearsed readings of snippets of one of Shakespeare’s plays would be fine. Perhaps you could learn a sonnet or two (or put them to rap even!) or one of the well-known soliloquies. Or even write your own piece if you like!
  • Each piece (or pieces) should last about 6 minutes max – but depending on numbers you could get to do more than one, so have a couple of spares ready up your sleeves.
  • The music doesn’t not need to have a Shakespearean theme to it; pretty much any style that takes your fancy would be fine although apart from a couple of microphones we will be unplugged, so no amplifiers permitted.
  • There will be a piano available for anyone to use if they wish.
  • I am also contemplating holding a prior afternoon practice session at St Joseph’s so that if anyone wants to come along and try out a piece they can do so. Or alternatively if you are looking for someone to chum up with for your act (an accompanist perhaps) we could tee that up too.
  • The theatre will be laid out in café style – that is to say with the bulk of the seating retracted and tables and chairs laid out in the resulting space. Both this area and the stage will be available as a performance space and there will be a basic lighting set up.
  • To help keep things relaxed and low-key we will be performing in front of an audience of Shakespeare at Traquair members and friends. We are particularly keen to invite all the parents and relatives of our younger members to come along (even if not performing); we know many of you but we’d like introduce ourselves to those we don’t know so well. It would be great also if all our hard working backstage crew and their families could come too.
  • Entrance will be free – but everyone will be asked for a donation either during the show or on exit to help with the costs. Any profits will be put to our Junior Fund.

If you would like to take part please email our email address: contact@shakespeare-at-traquair.co.uk