Beatrice and BenedickMuch Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare Shorts): Beatrice and Benedick

Love’s Labour’s Lost (2019)

Promenade performance at Traquair House

  • Wednesday 29th May – Saturday 1st June
  • Wednesday 5th June – Saturday 8th June

Directed by Tim Wilcock

Adult Auditions (14+)

  • Sunday 9th December 1.00-5.00 pm, Walkerburn Public Hall

Children’s Auditions

  • Sunday 13th January 1.00-5.00 pm, Walkerburn Public Hall

Love’s Labour’s Lost (2019)

Love’s Labour’s Lost is Shakespeare at Traquair’s main stage production for 2019 and will be directed by Tim Wilcock. The play sees self-denial in fashion at the court of Navarre where the young king and three of his courtiers forswear all pleasures in favour of serious study. But when the dazzling Princess of France and her entourage arrive, inconvenient promises are quickly ditched in favour of some ham-fisted wooing. It’s a boisterous send-up of all those who confuse fantasy with reality and Shakespeare displays just about every weapon in the playwright’s arsenal, from excruciating cross-purposes and impersonations to drunkenness and bust-ups. A feast of language, replete with puns, rhymes and grotesque coinages, this is being staged as a high-energy, tightly choreographed piece of theatre with an abundance of parts for younger actors. Details of both the adult and younger actor auditions are below.

Adult (14+) Auditions

  • Adult (14+) auditions will be held at Walkerburn Public Hall on Sunday 9th December from 1pm until 5pm.

Auditions are open to anyone who will be 14 years old or over at the time of the production, which this year will be Tuesday 28th May (an open dress rehearsal), then performances on Wednesday 29th May to Saturday 1st June and Wednesday 5th June to Saturday 8th June.  Please note that there is one part, Moth, that may be suitable for someone under the age of 14, particularly if they sing and/or are reasonably athletic.

The auditions will take the form of a workshop where people interested in taking a part in the play will have the chance to rehearse and perform short excerpts from the edited script.  The excerpts (of which a selection will be used), a brief description of each character and the outline rehearsal schedule are available as PDF files to download:

The main aim of this year’s show, as ever, is to have fun and, given the amount of movement involved, probably get a bit fitter too!  Rehearsals will start in late January and move outdoors to Traquair in early March.

Anyone is most welcome to come along on December 9th to find out more.  And if you’d rather remain behind the scenes, do still come along and say hello as there are a bucket load of back stage jobs to do both during the rehearsals and the performances themselves.

Young Actor Auditions

  • Young actor auditions for Love’s Labour’s Lost will be held at Walkerburn Public Hall on Sunday 13th January from 1pm until 5pm.

Auditions are open to anyone who will be 14 years old or under at the time of the production.  There’s no lower age limit this year, but where a child is under the age of 8, then a parent will be expected to remain with that child or be on hand during the audition workshop.

This year, the young actors will take centre stage in a specially written, noisy Prologue which sets up the evening’s performance.  There are also parts for two actors prepared to play a stag and a doe (and who get the chance to “die” in dramatic fashion on stage!) and a scene where we have a selection of trees discussing the merits (or otherwise) of performing in a Shakespeare play and cracking some pretty dreadful “tree” puns.

Anyone young actor who wants a part (speaking or non-speaking) can have one.  If there aren’t enough parts to go around, then we’ll write more script for this part of the show or “double-cast” it, where one group does the first week and the other the second.

We are particularly interested in young actors with very loud, clear voices who like setting up and telling jokes.  Any gymnasts and/or dancers are also welcome to come along as there’s a brief part of the Prologue that can accommodate their talents.

This year’s show has been designed to avoid having young actors hanging around doing nothing for long periods of time.  Those involved exclusively in the Prologue will be able to leave at any time after around 8pm on the night of each show.  Those also involved as trees or deer will be able to leave after the interval at around 8.45pm.  There are rehearsals dedicated to the young actors who will be integrated into the main show at an appropriate time.

The auditions will be fun and friendly and take the form of a workshop where participants will have the chance to rehearse and perform those parts of the script featuring young actors.  Young actor script, a brief description of each character and the full rehearsal schedule PDF files:

Anyone is most welcome to come along on January 13th to find out more, even if it’s only to have the experience of attending an audition workshop. We look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces!