Touchstone, Rosalind and Celia

As You Like It

Wed. 31st May to Saturday 3rd June 2006

Wed. 7th June to Saturday 10th June 2006

Directed by Richard Forsyth

As You Like It Poster


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As You Like It (2006)

Audio Recordings

Although we do not have any video of the performances, Richard Forsyth recorded audio of parts of the play and in particular of the singing and music. These were originally on a CD of photographs produced for cast and crew.

Act 1

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

Compilation of singing and music


As You Like It

“As You Like It” is one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays, perhaps due to the exploration of love in many different aspects, through five main relationships: Rosalind and Celia; Rosalind and Orlando; Celia and Oliver; Phebe and Silvius; Audrey and Touchstone.

Duke Senior and his court, having been overthrown by Duke Senior’s brother Frederick, have retired to the Forest of Arden. Rosalind, Duke Senior’s daughter, is still at the new court when the play starts, staying with her friend and cousin, Celia. She meets Orlando, and falls in love with him, before being banished by Duke Frederick. She and Celia decide to run away to the Forest of Arden with Touchstone, the Duke’s clown. Orlando is also having family problems, and independently decides to go to the Forest of Arden.

In the Forest, Rosalind re-meets Orlando; Touchstone falls in love with Audrey; we meet a local couple (Phebe and Silvius, who need some serious relationship counselling); and Celia meets and falls in love with Oliver. Confusion abounds, but it all ends happily, with a mass wedding as a finale, and Duke Senior restored to his dukedom.

Duke Frederick watches Orlando and Oliver fight

The Forest of Arden at Traquair


Camp in the Forest of Arden

Hippies in Shakespeare's Arden